BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – In Our Time, Random and Pseudorandom

BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – In Our Time, Random and Pseudorandom.  Have posted this programme to my other two blogs as it seems important to each.  Randomness and determination are the two main parameters of modern life, connecting a Newtonian world view with an Einsteinian world view, with original sin and predestination thrown in.  We adequately – ad-equate-ly – reconcile obligateness with opportuneness (‘towards port, harbour’), by seeing these as ‘the condition of being bound to advance (from ‘ab’ + ‘ante’, ‘in front’ ‘from before’) towards port/harbour/home’.  Like everything, we exist within familiar similarities and similar familiarities, that are or seem similar and familiar enough despite occasional variabilities still to be or to seem similar and familiar, so to elicit and evoke similar and familiar beholdiour/believiour/behaviour, those implicit and explicit in ‘being bound to so towards home’, as we all are, as is our intrinsic intendency, our accustomed so accustomising habit as inhabitants of our habitations, habituations, and habitats.


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person thinking about life as a series of encounters between expectations and experiences, and applying ideas to ecology, ethics, epistemology, and education in various environments
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